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    Wondering if anyone can help…

    The site is:

    On FF, Chrome and Opera, the menu works fine. On IE, for some reason it recently stopped working. It just doesn’t appear. I’ve read up about z-index issues, but there’s nothing either below or on top of the menu until the top of the slider, so if it was a z-index issue you’d surely see it but it’d be cut off by the slider.

    It’s also odd as it was working before and no changes have been made to it. Does anyone have any ideas? Would be amazing to get it fixed – thanks :)


    You have to write values: height, width and z-index (higher than others) in css to the .drop class.
    Works on my PC.

    Tip: use F12 in IE8, its somekind of firebug for IE.


    I’ve done that and it still won’t work. I’ve set 999 z-index values for every element for the menu and it still won’t work. No other element has anything higher than 98/99.


    I fixed it by removing “position:relative” from the li class.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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