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    I have a client that gave me his website, it was made using Dreamweaver and its using the “.dwt” (dreamweaver templates) how do I update all the pages using the .dwt s? Each-time I try to update it, it can’t find other pages using the same template.

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    First you should suggest a new website if they are using Dreamweaver templates lol. But, I’ve also ran into this problem and it’s extremely frustrating.

    While you’re editing in Dreamweaver, I believe you need to go to Modify > Templates > Update Pages in the top navigation. Then you can select “Entire Site” or any specific pages you want to update the template on.

    Hope that helps!

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    How big is the site?
    Might be better to move it to wordpress.

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    hahah here’s the thing… the client just wants me to change the header of the website only in Dreamweaver. @jkinney7698- I did try this and it couldn’t find any other pages using this template. I was doing research and I think I need a (.ste) file?? I don’t know. If I do receive the .ste file from the client how do I apply it?

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    I’m afraid I don’t know know much more about this. This was about all I could dig up about editing Dreamweaver template files. Hopefully you can find some answers in there.

    Good luck, these templates are such a pain and it’s hard to troubleshoot without access to the files. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will come along to comment.

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    Do you have access to all the files?

    IIRC, DW will create a folder called ‘templates’ in the build and store the .dwt files in that.

    Once the dwt file is updated (assuming the header is in an editable area) then just save it.

    Often that is all that is necessary as DW will ask you if you want to apply the changes to all pages. If it doesn’t, you can do a force update from a selection (again IIRC) under Edit>Template….or something like that.

    I don’t have DW with me at the moment but can check on my work PC tomorrow and provide a more accurate methodology.

    Of course, DW will still have to have access to the template based pages to apply the updates.

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    Now at work.

    In fact the ‘update’ option (CS6) is under: Modify > Templates > Update Pages.

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    @ everyone, thanks! It worked!

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