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    I’m just looking for opinions here.

    So a lot of people say not to use Dreamweaver for coding because Dreamweaver does everything for you. But as long as
    I’m hand coding myself (Besides importing pictures, I use Dreamweaver to browse the pictures once I type in src="" or another file. Thats basically all it does for me) Everything else I do myself. So is even importing the files with Dreamweaver bad?

    I’m still a beginner with coding. But css-tricks helping me become better! I would use just notepad But I don’t like how its so plain when I code.

    What’s you’re opinion?

    also, if I had my photos in the root folder, like root > images how would I type that in when I need a image?

    Rob MacKay

    Hehe – the old DW debate.

    Basically as long as you code it, its fine to use :) The problem is the code it outputs when you use design view.

    Why don’t I use it? It kept doing too much for me and tripping me up lol Yea I probably could have turned it all off but to be honest why bother with the features when I could use a lighter program to develop in?

    DW is actually a good coding prog.

    So – its completely your choice, the only wrong choice is hitting that design view tab :D


    At my full time job at an office where I’m on a PC, I use Dreamweaver.

    At home when I work for my freelance clients on a Mac, I used to use Dreamweaver and am currently trying out Coda (still not sure if I like it more, it certainly looks nicer).

    Dreamweaver is a perfectly fine program. It irks me to no extent when people say "it does everything for you". Sure, if you want to drag and drop some crap around in preview mode, yes, that is true. I spend my time 99.99% in Code View. I’ve got some nice snippets set up, automatic closing tags, etc etc.


    I use DW for coding. I occasionally use split view to "touch" my divs to give me an idea of what’s going on. Design view is unreliable at best, so previewing in a browser is still best. I like it for coding though because of automatic closing tags and whatnot. I tried Notepad++ but I didn’t care for it so I went back to DW. I hate it for FTP though, I don’t like that I have a hard time navigating what’s already on my server, but that could just be me. I use FileZilla for FTP. Though, I do admit I wish I could have Coda on my PC, I like the look of it when I see Chris pull it up on his screencasts. I guess until they release it for PC or the PC equivalent comes along, I’ll stick with good ole DW. :(

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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