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    Hi everyone, i was thinking of buying Dreamweaver as one of my friends has recommended it. But, for the money, what are it’s benefits? And does it help you with web design?

    Thanks alot,



    I learned how to use Dreamweaver in school.

    I haven’t used it since, so I would say: No, it would probably be a waste of money unless you REALLY need some features it has.


    If you need to buy a kit where are lots of other stuff you need (like photoshop of flash…) then go ahead but other than that, no.
    I write all code by heart. In my case its a waste of money. I dont see any good reason. There are free programs that work as well.
    But if you are kind a guy who uses visual editor to drag and drop things then Dreamweaver CS4 is, i guess, the best program out there. You may want to see what m$ offers too. I havent looked it closely but it seems they have a great prorgam to drag-and-drop thing as well. I reccommend to read reviews and try trials before buying anything.

    Here is what microsoft offers (if you are not a Mac or Linux user):

    You should look what others are using (tools of the trade). Im using Notepad++ (More info)


    I suggest using something like Eclipse or Aptana if you need code completion. I use Sublime Text because it just rocks my socks off.

    "tafkanator" wrote:
    You may want to see what m$ offers too.

    Good, found the first person to test my foe list with.


    It’s heavily overrated.



    If you’re a ‘drag and dropper’, you can use it.
    If you’re a button-clicker, you can use it.
    If you are a, purist, hard-core coder that think the rest of the world is full of stupid programmers and designers that can’t type ‘real’ code, and think he’s the sh!t because he does it ‘in a special way’ and that types all his code manually, you can use it.

    And NO, it’s not overrated, at all. Of course. Sigh.

    Dreamweaver also has code completion. It integrates with the rest of Adobe products very well, so if you use Photoshop, you’re good to go; if you use Fireworks, you’re good to go. Illustrator, Freehand, Flash.

    However, be ready to pay hefty cash for it, unless you do what I do :mrgreen:

    You know what’s overrated? Flash.


    I wonder how to solve issue with TEMPLATES in other programs like Coda or NotepadPlus?
    Do they have it also?


    I am not totally agreed with you. Because i use it since last 2 years and there is no problem yet. It provides some nice functions compare to others. Most important things is that you it shows the code and design in one Window. Where as other editor or IDE is not provided this type of facility.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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