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    If this is the wrong place for this, or if I am imposing, I apologize.

    Situation: In roughly one month I am beginning a walk across the united states, from New York, to Florida, to California. I will be journaling, journalizing, blogging, writing, videoing, etcetering.

    So my website, is going to have a landing page on that url, which i am making with dreamweaver cs6. the links on the landing lead to, where i have wordpress installed.

    this is the layout for the landing which i am going to effect, come hell or high water.


    and this example, ” ” i think, is what i would want to work with. put the boxes in the order i have them in the picture, plug the links into wordpress, and that should be most of the work done.

    now, I’m learning this stuff as fast as I can. there’s a lot to it. this is my first page. I don’t expect you to hold my hand, so I’ll just ask a two part question – and be very grateful if i can get some pointers.

    How would I get the files i downloaded from that sitemap script, into adobe dreamweaver, and working?

    And then how would i go about resizing and positioning the boxes within the entire frame?

    if you can even point me towards the right tutorials, I will write an ODE to you, and place it on my wordpress blog.

    And again – thanks for any help you care to give me.


    This sitemap is smashing indeed, but why? Are you planning to use this on that landingpage? From that image, what I get is, that you need some sort of grid layout, to put you’re content in. That’s just HTML and CSS, and totally doable. Since you are on WordPress, the sensible place to start would be editing one of those template.php files for that page, and try to include some dummy content, from some dummy blogposts, etc. And you have a theme so why not begin editing your theme’s (child-)stylesheet as well. When I compare (when hitting ‘preview’) that theme, and you’re layout design, then they have very little in common, (so why this theme?) but you can adapt that theme to make it whatever you want by editing that CSS. Was helping someone the other day, also a beginner with layout and markup issues. Made this small tutorial on media-queries, which might also be helpful to you.


    So my website, is going to have a landing page on that url, which i am making with dreamweaver cs6. the links on the landing lead to, where i have wordpress installed

    O.k. excuses, I was confused by the image of the layout which has this blogfeed, blogroll, or latests blog-posts embeds.

    If you want:

    1. A landing-page with the layout of that picture with those blog-posts summaries, and links to that blog, (like that image shows)
    2. A blog with this ‘twentyfourteen’-theme

    Then the sensible thing to do would be to have WordPress installed in your root-directory, instead of in your blog-directory. For this allows you to create a static front page for your homepage in which you can set all kinds of options. Then you would have also only one stylesheet to deal with, but the main benefit of course would be to easily pull in those blogposts on the homepage. Doing it with this sitemap thing, or maybe rss or something, or even static hard-coded, would make life so difficult. It might not be easy, but it’s possible to make the front-page look the way you want by tweaking the theme-stylesheet , when using the (conditional template) classes that WordPress adds on to the body-tag. Maybe you don’t need this, but in my mind, it’s also possible that the dreamweaver WYSIWTF visual editor is keeping you cornered.





    first of all, thank you for your help!

    Ok, the reason I want to use sitemap is the gentle responsiveness. I want my landing to have a living, breathing quality, in a few subtle ways. the hue and saturation move a few percents when you roll over and the size of the box shrinks just a few pixels, on a 3/4 second gradient.

    the theme on my /blog/ wordpress installation is just whatever was there when i clicked install. I’ll find one that will look as similar as possible to my home-brewed landing page, for the sake of aesthetic continuity.

    Now, to address your second post… I had no idea that I’d be able to do anything remotely like what I want for my slick landing vision with a wordpress theme, which is why I decided to prostitute wordpress out to my from-scratch landing, for the simplicity of dropping in my content into WP as well as the simplicity of sending all my content on WP out through RSS and etc. to other social media applications and subscriber feeds.

    What I have now to consider is whether I really want to continue mugging youtube and adobe for knowledge until I’m able to follow this through with dreamweaver. If wordpress could really do what I wanted, it’d be an obvious choice – I don’t want to compromise though, and I want my landing page to include two interesting things – the complexity of which I am such a n00b here, that I don’t even know how difficult it will be to implement! Where it says comment lobby, I want something like a very simple IRC or HTML chatbox where you just enter your desired name and then can post messages or chat in real time. above that you see a narrow box that says location – this is what I want – I want clicking that box, to roll up and fade to background color, the chatbox, until its the size of the box that says ‘location’, while at the same time the location box slides to where the chatbox was, and to the same size, meanwhile the chatbox slides up over the downsliding location box, and the location box opens up into a google map, or some other map, which displays a bunch of pins which detail my last known location! and naturally clicking the “chatbox” button will reverse the entire process – so you can chat, or see my location pins. maybe even use cookies so that it remembers what you had it left on the last time you visited my landing.

    Am I insane?

    also, the only part of “WYSIWTF” I understand is the WTF part.

    Anyways, Yesterday I spent about seven hours studying hard, and I now understand what CSS is and does, and I feel that if I keep banging this, I’ll be able to have the more basic elements of my landing page in place.

    again, thanks for the help. I’ll check back in when I have something that’s at least 50% done that I can put up onto although everything in my head is still very fluid and subject to change, for now I’m gonna stick with WP as a sub-directory program, because all the things you said about using wordpress for, in place of the landing? I think I’d like to do something like that as a ‘library’ or ‘index’ page where you can find any of my content just by name, so that finding any specific thing would be only 2 clicks, as opposed to go to landing, click to wp, click to catalogue, click to category, click to item.


    WYSIWTF is a play on Dreamweaver being a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get, usually pronounced “wizzywig”)

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