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    I’m looking for a dreamweaver alternative. Am on a Mac. What are folks using? I read about Flux, Coda2, Eclipse. But not sure which one if any of those above mentioned I should try.
    I use Dreamweaver currently but am really not at all impressed. So any suggestions would be valued. Perhaps a reason why I should try what ever u recommend.
    Thanks so much

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    Sublime Text because its lightweight. I like the packages that come with it or even some that people have made. The FTP plugin is also a great feature. However, Coda doesn’t seem like a bad option either.

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    Never use Dreamweaver. Use Sublime Text or Notepad++ (Windows)

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    Sublime Text 2 (or 3) definitely.

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    I hear ST3 has many bugs. That’s why I haven’t upgraded.

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    I guess my question is, since the suggestions thus far are very cmd-line’ish, is your browser open at all times to see changes?
    The one thing I like about dreamweaver is the split view option. When scripting I can see what happens (even if not in live view).
    It feels like a safety blanket, a confirmation that layout works…..I do keep a browser open at all time as well.

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    If you’re developing locally then it shouldn’t be a big deal to just see the changes in the browser.

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    Brackets Is a great option, it’s a open source program started by Adobe, gets updates every 2 weeks.

    It also has something very similar to Dreamweaver’s Split view, it uses Google Chrome to display changes LIVE as you make them to CSS files and for HTML you just need to save the file for it to refresh.

    I used to use Dreamweaver until I found brackets, Brackets is so much nicer with a better interface, great features like code hints, press Command-E to bring up the quick editor for color picking and much more.

    Also it’s free, so can’t hurt to try it!

    Only downside is no FTP uploader but that is nothing major, Hosting sites like GoDaddy have online FTP uploaders and there are many desktop apps for mac that work well.

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    I still like panics coda2 personally.

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    @ricky55, i heard mixed reviews. what do you like about Coda2?
    @npav i have Brackets on my computer, just was too scared to try it. i will give it a spin.
    thanks everyone for suggestions. i will look at many of them.

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    Not too sure about Mac options, but Sublime + LiveReload / Prepros is a far better alternative to the “split” view in DW.

    Check out this freebie course by Jeffrey Way.

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    This seems to come up so often on the forum. I use **Sublime Text 2** after using Coda for quite some time.

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    >the suggestions thus far are very cmd-line’ish, is your browser open at all times to see changes?

    LOL, I don’t think any of those are “command line-ish.” As for testing in a browser, yes, view your work in a browser, _even if_ you keep using dreamweaver. Dreamweaver (et al) is not a browser. No one will _ever_, in a million years, view your live website in dreamweaver. Developing for a platform that no one will ever use is counter-productive: test in real browsers.

    To answer your actual question, I use [Komodo]( Free (“edit” version) and cross-platform (Linux/Win/Mac).

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    > view your work in a browser, even if you keep using dreamweaver


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