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    I’m working on the official website of a TV show on WordPress. It uses core posts for default blog posts (for news, jokes and whatnot) and a custom post type for an “encyclopedia” section along with a custom taxonomy for it. I also had a video section (a section on itself that just include original TV show stuff, unlike other posts that can include videos, but are third party material) that uses core posts for it and also uses core “tags”, but I’m on the fence if leaving it at that with a “video” category or using a custom “video” post type just for it.

    Videos include both “current” stuff and 10-year old stuff I’m uploading (aiming to eventually uploading the whole show on clips), but that aren’t necessarily tied with any current events. Generally on social networks I mention those videos (either old and new) only when they match with topical stuff. If I use both core blog post and a separate “video” post type for mentioning videos, I will have the advantage of change the wording between each kind of post (Currently I only write in the post talking about the video as it is, but I would have a different post to say why I’m mentioning it right now), but as in the main page loop I show all post types, the content may be easily repeated and look weird. Also, I’m currently have a separate taxonomy for grouping video stuff as, as for now, they are more in quantity than the “default” blog posts, yet it may be a bit strange to have it on core posts just when using it only with an specific kind of content. Videos can appear too in the categories of the default posts, like the ones for “news” and “jokes”, althought that can be easily done both with core “post” post type and a custom post type.

    I later would want to add a custom post types for a “press article” archive, yet there’s no worry if the content is repeated in blog posts as these wouldn’t appear on the site search nor “loops”, just on a standalone page.

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