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    A while back I saw a video that Chris produced where he would just type in his HTML/CSS in his text editor, and the browser would just automatically procure his code.

    Any insight into how to set the work environment up to be able to do that?


    There are a number of apps/programs that will refresh the browser for you when you save the changes you make to a file.

    Codekit & Prepros for a couple to be sure although I’m sure there are others.

    Also there a some that will do style injection where the browser just updates without saving the file.

    Brackets, from Adobe, I think does this but it’s been a while.

    So, natively, it’s not a matter of a specific environment it’s what app/program you want to use.


    I just discovered this:

    It refreshes all the devices around me while I’m working too. Couple it with Grunt / Gulp and man oh man… it feels like I’m a leet haxor.


    Sublime Text 2 has a plugin that works with Chrome. It was a bit buggy for me in Firefox.

    I’m sure Vim has like 10.


    browsersync looks cool. just might try that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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