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    I have tried, and tried to figure out what I´m doing wrong (probably with the floats).
    There is something really wrong, even in Firefox, with the menu-, main- and sidebar (floats).
    I have been reading about floats and so but at the moment I don´t get the problem… :oops:

    Can somebody help me…? 8-)


    Here´s a link to the homepage (and codes) :

    "virtual" wrote:
    Well for one thing you have an extra closing </div> and 2 menus. I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve or which menu you want to use.
    As for floats, whenever you use a float you have to specify a width. The css reset should be *{margin:0; padding:0;} and then you can remove html, body, ul {padding: 0;}

    Okey, thanx. It can be, cause I got so angry earlier when nothing worked for me. :?

    Second menu… Don´t get what you mean by that. Is it wrong to put the #menu as I have done now? Should it be #menu, #menu ul, #menu ul li, #menu ul li a, etc? Or why do you say there is two menus? With the * html #menu, I have tried to get IE hack. Perhaps it´s totally wrong? The second menu you´re talking about? :?

    I had it somewhere in my backhead (don´t know if you say so in english as well ;) ) that the floats have to have width. I tried it with width:100%; but it didn´t work as I wanted it. So I skiped it. Shouldn´t have, I see.

    Still don´t get me the answer why the #main popping up besides the #menu (if I for example don´t have enough of padding in #menu li ), or if I put #menu width:100%;?). Meaning, I´ve tried to put #menu {width:100%;}. What else do I then have to change and/or add (not to get collapsing margins/floats)?

    I have been told that you also can let it be like I have the *{margin:0; padding:0;} and html, body, ul {padding: 0;}. Why is it wrong for you? I want to know as many solutions as possible. :)


    Okey. Now I noticed that I have something wrong with the hole page. I try to put a border to #wrapper, but the border is just surrounding the header and the #menu.
    How to get the rest of the page to be surrounded of the #wrapper border? What have I done wrong? :roll: :oops:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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