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    to my knowledge google doesn’t penalize search rankings based on uncommon TLD’s but i’ve read that many users don’t trust them. many more will not remember your url and end up going to the wrong site.

    do what you like but i’d personally never go with anything but a .com

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    Sure, there are caveats. If you’re a Canadian company and you want that to be present in your URL, picking a .ca over a .com would be better (but you also want to get the .com to redirect to the .ca).

    Here are some points

    * .com is easier to remember (eg, how do you spell ‘mobee’?)
    * users will try .com first, if they aren’t searching (eg, user automatically puts, not
    * .com is internet standard

    > The only thing what matters is SEO. You want to be found. Google, as far as i know, doesn’t have a preference in this regard.

    This is true, to an extent. There is reason to believe that localized domain extensions will rank better (example being if you want to rank better in the UK you should make sure that you have a Having said that, you’ll *still* want to have a .com to get all of those users that make assumptions about it.

    But it’s not just about SEO, it’s about marketing as well. What’s the easiest domain extension to market?

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    Get both!

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    OK. I am convinced. If I would live in the USA I also would get a .com (and a .us for that matter). I live in the Netherlands (no plans on moving :) ) and I prefer a .nl If my desired URL isn’t available, I think i will try to get a .com or think of a better name. Thanks all for this discussion, especially @mintertweed who started this.

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    Just for info purposes, I hear .uk will be available at some point instead of

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    Okay, this is for the start-up that is creating the mobile application: so, a .com is out of the question. The web hosting that is currently sitting on the site wants $4,500 for it. I do not think so! Is a .co a good alternative? I would like to use the full company name if possible. Thank you for any advice on .co domains.

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    Not sure i would pick a .co TLD as a first alternative to a .com

    Or is this a type level domain?

    If this is a US commercial operation I think I like **** better.

    EDIT: It might do as a placeholder until the .app domains come on board

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    Thank you, @paulie_d, for bringing .app to my attention. I went to a website that said it should be available in Spring of 2013. That is not that far off.

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    I’d try to stick with .com or .net. Anything else can seem unprofessional.

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    Hi I totally agree with TheDoc so try and get a .com if you can.

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    From the customers point of view, the only extension that matters is `.com` you can get clever all you want, and this is something we designers/developers can bicker about… but your customers don’t care about any of that. So would you rather have them not worry about the .com or do you want them to wonder “what the hell is .mobi”?

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