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    ‘Allo, everyone! You guys have always been there to help me, so I decided to ask you one more question before I head to bed. A friend of mine is developing an Android app. She wants to create a website for said app. She has already chosen a name for it. We did a search on GoDaddy and it turns out there are a number of domain options. A .com is not available, but pretty much everything else is (.co, .info, .net, .org, .ca, .me, .ws, .us, .mobi, .biz). Now, since this would be for a cellphone app, I was thinking .mobi would be the best choice. What is your opinion on this? Thank you in advance!

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    I’d still try to get a .com. You can do something like

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    Yeah, I’m with @TheDoc on this.

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    @TheDoc @joshuanhibbert Why? Any reason why a .com is better than .mobi? I really don’t see why has an advantage over Just curious.

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    With .com, all someone has to remember is what came before it. For instance, you don’t remember, you just remember google. Anyone who is unsure what the domain is will try .com first. Any other domain requires that to be committed to memory as well.

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    Playing devil’s advocate: But if it is for mobile devices, wouldn’t it make sense to have a .mobi?

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    Mostly just for America, right? Google in my country results in (i’m Dutch). In Germany etc. etc. The top level domain name isn’t that important I think. The name before the dot is much more crucial. Google will figure out the rest….
    If I were you and had to pick between and the first one always wins. Except maybe for some explicit top levels like .xxx or .sex

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    @Bert Not at all.

    Google interrogates where you are (probably from an IP ) and then serves up the site and results based on that.

    Certainly, a .com TLD is preferable to anyother even if you can’t get precisely the domain name you want.

    For an app, I would go with if it was available over

    To me, a .mobi site is a mobile optimsed mobile site, not my first port of call for the MAIN site.

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    […]and had to pick between and[…]

    I quite literally laughed out loud at that comment. But the others make a good point. And the dot com is available if I use the format get[appname].com or get[appname], so I guess my friend has a decision to make. Thank you, everyone!

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    Ok. I see your point.

    But who is entering a complete URL these days? I if was looking for a specific app called appname for my phone I would type the name in google. I believe in this case has an advantage over

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    The site name is just a minor part of the Google search algorithm.

    Proper SEO would resolve any worries on that score.

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    Playing devil’s advocate again: But technically, if someone were to Google how do I get [appname] then having your website URL set to get[appname].com would be beneficial in that circumstance.

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    There is absolutely no way .mobi is *preferable* to .com.

    I have never, to my recollection, been to a .mobi site. If you can get it, you always want a .com. I don’t know why we’re debating this.

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    Come on @TheDoc. This is a valid discussion. I value your opinion, i really do, but i’m not convinced. A .com is not better than let say a .org or a .abc At least i can’t think of any reason.

    The only thing what matters is SEO. You want to be found. Google, as far as i know, doesn’t have a preference in this regard.

    @joshuanhibbert suggested that is was easier to remember a URL, but i never type in a complete URL. Just put in a search argument in chrome, hit enter en click the desired URL. (.com or not) As most of us do, i think.

    In my opinion the TLD doesn’t matter. What’s before the TLD is very much more important.

    Please give a solid reason to think otherwise. Not just: I say so, therefor… That’s to easy.

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    BTW @begetolo is the same person as @Bert. Sorry for the confusion….

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