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    Brian Meyer
    Participant drives me -CRAZY-. It’s a very popular site, and for good reason. They produce some fantastic tutorials/interviews on a variety of subjects. However, the navigation of that site is *#@$*@#$ HORRID. I actually get upset when I try to use the site. The irony, and this is just so classic, is that it’s a very GOOD looking site. Functionally it blows. Further irony points – much of the site is devoted to web design.

    Lets vent it out. Kumbaya people.
    – Some tutorials are screen-casts, some are downloads of text files, who knows. Their labeling is poor if non-existent.
    – The site is too fragmented. I can’t keep up with all of the sub-sites, sub-networks, parent sites, sister sites. And of course, one of my favorite sections has just disappeared. I believe it was called work better or work awesome. Not sure where it went, and no way of finding out.
    – Their search function is total crap. I wanted to find an article they wrote about PHP vs Ruby recently under their new series, “Code Wars”. I search code wars. An article about code wars comes up, but not the article i’m looking for. Anytime you have to turn to google to find an article within a site that already has a search engine you get a fail.
    – Why can’t the site remember that I’m a “premium” member and keep me logged in. Why do I feel like I’m browsing two sites if I am logged in as premium.

    oh god there are so many other issues.

    p.s. I am a premium subscriber, so I pay something like $75-$100 a year for premium access.


    Have you tried writing to them? I mean if you pay the bucks dude, you have the right to do so. Tell them you could redesign it

    Brian Meyer

    This is an old thread! I hadn’t been to in sometime, but somehow the navigation is **even worse** than before. I thought some of you css tricks users that have used Envato/Tuts might like to voice your opinions here. Weigh in!

    It looks like their new centralized tutorial repository is now at It’s terrible.

    I sent Envato the following message. Of course, there’s no contact information at I’m posting my angry rant below as a document of my frustration:

    Hi, I’m a longtime (sometimes payed) subscriber of I hadn’t visited in some time. But today I wanted to look up an article I had read in the past.

    I didn’t know if it was on nettuts, psdtuts, illustratortuts, etc..

    So I navigated to for some kind of centralized repository of tutorials I could search through.

    Upon navigating there, I became extremely frustrated.

    – Helpful (somewhat) Envato Leaf navigation pop-out on the left has disappeared. Gone with that is the road-map that allows me to jump to various tuts subsites.

    – There isn’t a search bar. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How am I supposed to sort or find any previous articles? What if I don’t remember what sub-site they belong to? What if I don’t even know what article i’m looking for, but I want to search by topic.

    – Upon “filtering” articles with the left side filtering panel, I can’t navigate to a second page of articles. I’m pretty sure there are more than 24 articles on any of these sites.

    – The filtering tool is functionally painful to use. If I want to just see photoshop and illustrator articles you’re making me unclick like 8 other panels?

    – there are no navigation links to the sub sites.

    Look, I really like your tutorials and have benefited greatly from the wealth of information you’ve provided over the years. That said, what the hell is going on over there? The irony is too painful. You’re a tutorials site related to amongst other things, WEB DESIGN. Your sites look good, and work terribly for the user. I would prefer your sites to be plain-jane boring, if I could at least find what I’m looking for. This isn’t some subjective opinion of your site – these are obvious flaws. Please fix them. You’re better than that. I posted a thread on css-tricks (do you even have a forum?) to engage a community that has many tuts subscribers.

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