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    Someone asked me this evening my opinion of this website. It’s built on tables and has a flash banner and some ugly-looking Javascript that handles the menu roll-overs. I’d like a general opinion:

    1) What year do you think it was done?
    2) How much do you think the person paid for this? (Sorry, I don’t have an answer to this riddle, but I’m curious.)

    Here it is:

    One extra piece of info, it’s built on tables and some ugly JavaScript for the sidebar roll-overs.

    I’m looking for some honest opinions so I don’t feel like a jerk. The site’s owner seemed a little miffed when I gave MY best guess, but I was trying to explain what a cluster the design and the code were, and that it’s not something I can just do in an afternoon or two. Oh yeah, and I blacked out/erased names and put the smiley over the face.


    No idea when it was built (long ago, one hopes — if this is less than 10 years old I might weep a little bit) or how much it cost, but yeah: really ugly. Unappealing color scheme, poor layout, huge black void on the entire right side of the browser screen, and clunky JS roll-overs (I cheated and found the site on google :). And Death By Tables!

    I agree with you: this is a complete ground-up rebuild, because the current site — both design and code — is beyond saving (actually, killing it would be a mercy). Good luck! :)


    all you have to do to see that it’s outdated is look at the site we’re on. the site looks at least 5 years old if not older. the colors are too dark and flat, drop shadows on the navigation is a bit cheesy and it does look like a table layout. simple basic legos. blah is another way i would describe it, not to sound harsh. as for price, i would hope they didn’t pay more than $100 but something tells me they probably paid way too much.


    It’s a poor design, the layout is also poor, but there are people out there still doing this. It may look 10 years old, but I bet it’s no more than 2. Probably paid around $300 too


    I really hope that the server ‘last modified’ time is incorrect:

    Last-Modified:Mon, 25 Oct 2010 23:17:46 GMT

    I have recently seen a site dragged through a redesign, and come out the other side looking worse than the original (crammed full of unneeded features) and the layout tabled. All of the pages having unique html pages to render them. This likely means that the designer that made the site (and charged £300 GBP for the pleasure) is the only person who is capable of understanding the mess that has been made!

    The designers portfolio is all ‘tabled’ and I cannot see any arguments for a tabled design.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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