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Home Forums CSS Does google have a problem with the jquery $(‘.class’).remove() as it does with display:none?

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    I am creating a tumblr theme, and I want to slipt my post in two pages. The homepage would have all the posts and then I am going to have a page where it shows only posts with a particular tag

    The problem is that there is no official may to hide posts from the home page. The only way is by doing article


    – But I know that I would get in trouble with google if I hide articles like that.

    so I was wondering if I use jquery to remove the relevant articles


    – would google still have a problem with that?

    I know that people without js are going to see these articles, but that is not a big problem, just that is I could separate them it does look a bit better that’s all.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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