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    Hello all!

    I’m in a heated debate with a client over whether or not ‘static’ sites weight more heavily in Google’s eyes than WordPress sites…or ANY dynamic (CMS) site for that matter.

    Can anybody weight in and it would be great if you can relate some personal experiences?

    I’ve found that ‘posts’ weight differently than ‘pages,’ however, we’ve set our site up without any blog functionality. The articles ARE posts but you’d never know it by looking at the sites – I think ;)

    Here are a couple sites in question:

    Thanks so much for your feedback!



    This is a discussion with no possible actual answer unless Google will tell you and they aren’t going to do that.

    If every page or post is crawlable then Google with rank it.

    Fresh content on a regular basis is what drives so-called weighting AFAIK.


    My sister has a very popular website built in WordPress, and when you search generic terms regarding her field of work it comes right up.

    You can always think of Google giving benefit to good content + content that seems interesting to people (because they’re linking back to it, etc.).

    It does fine with WordPress itself. Content is king.


    This forum is WordPress as well – whenever something is posted, it’s indexed on Google (with the first few results) in the blink of an eye…


    I will try to find it but I found an article by a dude who benchmarked (as best he could) two sites that were very similar. Again… this can never be a TOTALLY exact benchmark because you can’t have two identical sites. Anyway, one was built on WordPress and one was a baked with something like Jekyll. Google preferred the non-Wordpress version.

    Take it for what it’s worth. @Paulie_D is right… there’s no way to fully know.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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