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    Chris´s tutorials really helped me in the beginning, but the internet has moved so fast since he put them together.

    Are there any plans for any more Photoshop to HTML series? Also, a photoshop to WordPress? Would love it if there was.

    Does anyone recommend any recent tutorials of people doing a step by step build of a website?


    I have a feeling he’s simply too busy. As far as step by steps go, I haven’t really been keeping track, I’m afraid!

    Chris Coyier

    Check out a “build along” Harry Roberts did super recently:

    I really hope to do another one some day. Hopefully sooner than later but no promises.


    thanks Chris…helpful stuff. Just one more thing; are you aware that your new site design looks strange in IE8? For example the CSS tricks logo is covering this comment section; and the menu at the top is totally unstyled.


    I don’t think Chris cares too much about IE8. I’m not sure what the CSS-Tricks vistior browser statistics are, but I can bet that IE is way down there and IE9 ( which the sites works on ) has probably around 50% usage share of that that way-down-there percentage.


    In that link csswizardry Chris provided, I’m not 100% sure if I agree on all of his reasons why he marked up that site that way. For instance, I do agree that loading an image as a sprite is better as far as speed and protocols go, but if the image is part of the content, not design (yes there is a difference), I think it should be loaded as markup (img tags) and used with alt tags for SEO. Yes an image tag with a properly marked up alt tag would have more semantic value and account better towards SEO than an empty tag (loading a sprite) to my knowledge.

    And when he does use image tags he does not use any width or height attributes so the browser takes longer to decipher the image sizes and loading them.

    Not knocking the guy at all, I like a lot of what he explained as well and his work seems nice.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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