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    I am trying to build a (large) document access system based on a drop-down/fly-out menu structure.

    Is it possible, using CSS, to have an html document structure similar to a book/article document with (h1, h2, p, etc levels), using the heading levels to create a drop-down/fly-out menu (I’ve managed that part), which also allows the text of each section to appear in a fixed display panel opposite the menu action? This has to become ‘permanent’ on click so that the scroll bar is usable on the panel.

    My efforts so far have displayed the text required in a panel, but stepped across and down relative to the menu selection button – and they also remain in place if you mouse-over to a subsidiary item, thus displaying two separate text sections at the same time, partially overlapped.

    I’m guessing my problem is including the text parts within the flow at some point but I can’t see how to separate them :o(


    It’s not really clear what this is supposed to look like. Do you have a design image or two we can look at?

    Frankly, I very much doubt if CSS will get you very far here.

    This sounds very much like a JS/JSON/PHP type thing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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