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    I am looking for a safe website that will help drive website traffic. I know there are many out there but to be honest most of them promise a lot but deliver very little or no result! Can anyone refer me to some company that will really to

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    I insist that SEO is the best and steady way to improve a site’s page rank.I suggest you to use the SEV(Search Engine Visibility) from as they provide keyword and suggested topics,submit the site to over 100 search engines and also provide reports which will eventually improve your website traffic.In short SEO is the best way to promote site and gain your desired web presence.I have used their service and improved my page rank thereby website traffic.

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    SEO is important however its a process and it does take time and money. Before you hire you really need to educate yourself a little bit so you have the basic insight that will allow you to hire the right individual or company.

    Here’s list of some website that will help you get some insight into the process and a book that I personally feel is one of the best on the subject (their blackboard Fridays are very good)

    The book I would recommend is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets by Danny Dover.

    I personally prefer to work with clients that have educated themselves about the subject because then
    they have some basic understanding what can be achieved and what can’t be achieved!

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