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    I have been using tables to organize things on mysite.. i would like to begin using divs but am never seeming to figure them out. right now my table setup is

    and im hoping to learn how i would write out all the css and html markup to be able and make sets of divs such as this one.
    thank you


    What he means is you have to make your content more concise – do you really need the image, video, and six thumbnails? Do all the thumbnails serve a purpose? You must make a more streamlined layout with DIVs. That sort of page would be overwhelming to a user. Leave what’s important, and create that in DIVs.

    In essence, DIVs are just containers. CSS is what makes DIVs special. Basically, if you want two columns you float one left, and one right:

    #col1 {float:left}
    #col2 {float:right}

    But, you can only use DIVs after you’ve got rid of that nasty table-based web mindset.


    *note to Chris Coyier or mods: why won’t pre maintain formatting (spacing or tabs)?
    When you click “Post Comment” the content you’ve just created within <pre><code> doesn’t seem to keep formatting until the page is refreshed. It doesn’t seem to be a problem though.

    Rob MacKay

    hehe was just about to say that – it’s coz it’s all the sexy ajax comment post :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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