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    I am coming here with a newbie-question.

    Sometimes I see in Css-codes that peolpe put div before their names. like

    div#header { filling:out}

    Why is that div there, isn’t it enough to have it in the html file?


    uhm sorry, the forums were totally crapping out just now.. what I said was: as you said, that’s unneed. any ID should only ever occur once per page, so the tag name doen’t add any information.


    Ok thanks. The thing is that I have seen it on many of Chris Coyier’s screencasts. Seems weird that such a well educated css artist write inappropriate code


    With IDs it make no sence, but with classes it can be very helpfull. For instance:

    You have a class named highlight. If it is an h1 element you want a yellow background, but a highlighted span tag should have only a yellow text color. In CSS you do this:

    h1.highlight     {  background: yellow; }
    span.highlight { color: yellow; }

    But with IDs it is better to use only #idName, because this is faster.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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