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    I’ve been through this code a couple times now. I simply cannot figure what’s wrong. The site can be seen here: I haven’t protected my css directory yet so just go for the source, the style sheet is also below.

    I’m having a spacing issue between the menu and the body and the footer and the body. I’ve only been designing sites in CSS with DIVs for about 5 months, I’m an old tables guy that’s trying to get with the new standard and take my design to the next level, so please excuse any obvious missteps here.

    Right now I’m only building out the templates for different page layouts, one page that is experiencing this issue is

    After considering the length of my style sheet, I’d rather just link you to it, it’s too much to paste here.

    Thanks guys.


    First your url spelling for your site is wrong above. Also the spelling in the #SideBar css is wrong. Check your float:left; as you spelled “left” wrong. Then simply clear the float issue for the footer div. The footer comes up because both the leftContent div and sidebar div are floating.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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