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    I’m fairly new to DreamWeaver and have come across problems with my Div layering.
    The divs heading1,2,3 and column, column2, column3, all show up underneath all the other divs in my document.
    It’s making any text and images gray and any hyperlinks not clickable. I’ve played around with the z-index of various divs but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem. Any help on this would be great, thanks!

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    Leaving aside for the moment the 78 errors on the page you have way too many divs and they are all over the place. Try arranging them in the order they are supposed to appear, call me old fashioned but surely the footer should come last?
    Presumably headings 1,2 and 3 relate to columns 1,2 and 3? Then they should be inside their respective columns and you should be using heading tags.

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