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    Hi, I’m very new to CSS and fairly new to Dreamweaver. Let me explain the site so it all makes sense. I made one big table and then split it into the number of columns and rows I needed to separate my page up and sized them accordingly. There is a top bar for a logo, a side column going down the side for navigation and an area for main content. I put images in each of the spaces within the table to build the look of my page, for example, I put an image of a gray to white gradient for the side navigation column. I then put a DIV Layer over that side column and put my rollover navigation buttons in the DIV so that it would layer over the gradient background. I also have the entire webpage centered in the browser.

    Here’s my problem: I can’t align my navigation DIV layer onto the page. If i put in a H and W position, it does not move when the browser size changes and the website moves within the browser. It just stays in its designated pixel position. How do I have it so the DIV Layer navigation attaches itself to the main table/webpage?

    I hope that makes sense.

    Thanks in advance!

    "chriscoyier" wrote:
    This is a little complicated to picture with out a link or screen captures. Problem #1 though, what’s with the table? Is there any particular reason why you need a table for your layout?

    well, i was told to center my site, to have it all within one table and then just align center the table. so, i did. i don’t even know how else I would build it without a table for a base. sorry, i’m really, really new at this. (so new, i can’t figure out how to the screen captures i took into this message :-/ )


    Purists and semanticists avert thy eyes…the following is in the spirit of JFDI!

    The quick fix for you is to add an id to your table, say it’s called "mytable". Then set in your CSS the following (assuming a table width of 800px):

    #mytable {
    margin: 0px auto;
    width: 800px;

    That should center your table but you’re far away from a clean, semantic implementation of CSS. I would suggest you look at some of Chris’s articles and screencasts for more information and work from the ground up.


    i have the table centered on the page. but all the AP Div layers that are over the table, are not. they stick to their position when i change the size of the browser.

    let me break it down some more.

    I made a webpage with the table centered so that no matter what the browser size, the webpage is in the center. when i make the browser smaller, the table "moves" to stay in the center of the browser, no mater what size i make it.

    my problem is that the AP DIV’s (i was told they’re like layers, i might be calling them layers when they’re not) that i layed over the table are in a fixed position, so when i make the browser smaller or larger, yes my table moves within the broswer, but my Divs stay in place.

    does that make a little more sense?


    Mr. Box is spot on. Ditch Dreamweaver if you are serious about understanding what you are doing and start from the ground-up with HTML and CSS. Read the articles here and also from the authors and sites Box recommended.

    Can’t stress this enough…it’s a bit of effort but when you get there you’ll be glad you did.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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