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    hi there.

    i got a problem with a spritely-div which is cut in half when scrolled in landscape mode on mobile devices (maintains same height as initial screenheight). and i just cant get it fixed. ;-(

    this is my URL:
    and i am talking about the panning clouds.

    if you turning your mobile into landscape mode and scroll down you´re getting this result:

    see the clouds cut in half?

    any idea how i can give them height:100% so they are shown uncut – just like in portrait mode?

    OR EVEN BETTER: make this div fixed? so that the clouds just stay where they are – only panning to the left (its fine, that one could only see the upper part of them) and only the text is scrolling?

    i´ve been playing around with ‘position’, ‘background-attachment’, ‘height:100vh’, ‘max-height: inherit’ etc. but couldn´t solve this tricky problem. ;-(

    thanks and greetings,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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