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    Can some experts please advise why style in my class 1mycolumn doesn’t work in browsers even it shows okay in dreamweaver :

    Today's Buy
    1 colum

    1 colum2

    1 colum3

    1 colum4






    Content 2

    other spry tab class and the righcolumn id works fine but not 1mycolumn class.. please advise. thanks. I am trying to show some content in multple same size columns. Thanks.


    alicia, its impossible to help with the information you’ve given. We need to see all the html, all the css, the intended look, and the expected look. I hope I’m not being too harsh, but Dreamweaver is a pile of dung and the code above isn’t much better. The above suffers from divitis – where everything is wrapped in a classed or id’d div. There’s simply no reason. Also, it appears you’re using spaces in paragraphs for layout purposes.

    Show us what you’re after and I, or others, will be happy to help (I’ll be back later today).


    thanks.. I am very new to css and designing the layout without table tag is driving me crazy even after i read many tutorials…

    this is the code is you don’t mind to comment so I can make it right

    Untitled Document

    • Tab 1
    • Tab 2

    First box

    1 my colum

    1 my colum2

    1 my colum3

    1 my colum4

    right box





    Content 2

    thank you



    If you’re going to post HTML, you need to wrap it the the code tags…that’s the 4th icon from the left that looks like little brackets.


    Of course, as far as I know, you cannot have classes that start with numbers…that might be it.


    Indeed @Paulie_D, class names and ID should always start with a letter, so that’s definitely the issue.


    thanks paulie.. fixed this… i am analyzing what you guided me in the other post now.. thanks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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