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    Thanks guys @Paulie_D + @Watson90 + @ChrisP

    Here’s a code pen link :

    Realised I told you the wrong images, Its Blue.png for the majority of the site (body)
    And bg.jpg for the header section

    Hope this is all okay?


    I can see a few things straight away, you haven’t closed your UL in your navigation and also your style declaration isn’t closed properly.


    Also, you can’t specify `background-position` in `background-image`, you can either do shorthand `background` or use both position and image separately.


    Thank you these should now be solved, Still hasn’t solved the problem though,
    In answer to @Paulie_D I have my index.html file saved in a directory along with a style.css file. Then In the same directory i have my images folder complete with 2 images blue.png and bg.jpg

    Thanks again guys, appreciate your commitment :)


    @ChrisP – where is background position on his pen?


    If that’s the case @AdamHodgson then you will need to add ../ to your image path

    End the CSS path with />


    background-image: url(/images/bg.png) repeat-x;

    should be

    background: url(/images/bg.png) repeat-x;


    Still nothing guys sorry, I’m going to have to go offline just now, I’ll be sure to pick up tomorow and will be even more determined to get it sorted.

    Thanks everyone,


    @AdamHodgson, try this now:

    If that is NOT working, then check your file extension. This code is working, if the you linked the images right.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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