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    Where do you like to position social media icons on your site? Footer, header, on side, … ? And as a visitor what do you prefer?


    As a visitor, if I see social media buttons at the top (above the ‘fold’) I assume that the site is desperate for approval or to get noticed especially if they are large buttons.

    If they are at the footer then I see it as “We’re there and if you like us feel free to let your friends know”.

    As a prime example…see CSS-Tricks home page.

    Where are the links (and not even icons)?…In the footer.


    Recently I’ve started to get turned off by social media buttons more and more. I just figured, I almost never click them. I don’t think anyone ever clicked them on my own site, so I’ll probably ditch them pretty soon.

    In general, it’s starting to look more that the buttons are nothing but advertising/promoting Facebook, Twitter, etc., and don’t really help promoting the site itself.

    But, to answer your question; if they’re at the top, I don’t really notice them. If they are in the sidebar, they have more value because in my opinion, that’s where people look when they actually want to find out more.


    In general, I would prefer that the CONTENT is the thing that gets pushed on to social media.

    If you have posted a great article I’m more inclined to “Tweet/FB Like/G+1” that than the whole site.

    I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use social media as part of your marketing strategy but that is more about you, as the site owner, posting there than just getting people to ‘Like’ you.


    I personally think it is just another way of engaging with people. I agree your site’s content is the main attraction but social media are more flexible at the same time in terms of discussing different topics with different people.

    I don’t like social media icons/links in the header.You place them in the footer if you don’t want distraction. I feel that the sidebar is the middle ground. They are there but not asking for too much attention.

    Have you come across some innovative ways of linking to social media?


    Personally, I like it to be at the header, its easier to see.



    1) Corporate, business, portal etc. – Footer

    2) Personal portfolio, vCard – Contact page.

    I like idea of Icon Font that links to social media site, but most often I use Icon + Text.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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