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    My apologies if this is already covered somewhere else, but i am struggling to find a solution.

    i think im also going to struggle to put into the correct terminology exactly what i wish to achieve so i apologise in advance.

    this is is the link
    when you click on the first “product” on the left hand side called Teachwall 100 the client wants a lightbox style box to open displaying specific information for that item. they also want header type links in this window so that the user can click to see different types of information, for example colour finishes, measurements and door types.
    Is there a nice tidy way of inserting links into this window, that when clicked would replace the text in the main body of the window, without reloading the page or coming out of the lightbox style window.

    I dont even know if that makes sense or if this is even possible, but if anyone has got any thoughts then it would be hugely appreciated.

    thanks in advance,
    an ever grateful CSS newbie

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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