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    I have a website which has a page having more than 100 images. This slows down the loading of page.
    Is there any known way to handle this issue?

    I thought of having two options –
    1) Load the crude version/pixelated version of images and then sharpen it over the time.
    2) Divide the image gallery in pages. For eg. dynamically create pages with 20 images per page.

    Please suggest me which one is more feasible and If possible guide me through it too.

    Thanks in advance!

    kind regards,
    Ankit JC.


    You could use something like this so that only the image within view are loaded.


    oh.. this looks like what i need. I’ll try this out today. Thank you.

    But, still holding on to my question,
    Is there a dynamic way to create pages with n number of images per page?
    for ref.
    I want this gallery page to dynamically split into multiple pages with fewer records, but couldn’t think of any way to automate it.

    Experts, can i have your word on this please?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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