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    I’m trying to create a grid of images; When you mouse over an image, text displays in a stationary Div.

    Anybody know how to do this?

    Here’s an example done in Flash:

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    Sounds like a job for java script. Or rather jQuery

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    I haven’t reviewed the linked article as it doesn’t render well on my phone but from a cursory reading of the OP it sounds like the div will be populated with information on the hovered image BUT the div will have no relationship to the image.

    Hence, JS.

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    Can possibly do it without JS. Will create a codepen.

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    Yup it’s possible, though the text wouldn’t be easily editable if this is to run via a CMS, you’d have to change the text in the CSS stylesheet instead.

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    If you have an image with an ‘alt’ or ‘title’ attribute it shouldn’t be had to populate that attribute text into text in a div….should it?

    Of course, my jQ skills are minimal but I’m sure I’ve seen it done.

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    Ugh….hacky indeed. :)

    As I said…JS is the way. Each image will have it’s own set attributes…it’s just a matter of grabbing them and sticking them/it in as text into another place.

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    Quick and dirty jQuery way:

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    Using JQ –
    Actually @hugogiraudel‘s is much better.

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    @hugogiraudel I like that…copied for future reference.

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    I love solutions that don’t rely on JS/JQ but in practical terms your solution does mean having to update the text for each image if it were replaced.

    Applying an ‘alt’ tag is something that should be done to the vast majority of images by default (that aren’t styling) so the JS solution would seem to be optimal.

    Is your way more work or less?…I’m not sure TBH.

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    To be fair the OP doesn’t give much detail except for the example link. There’s no information on how the image and text are related. If the text did not describe the image, I personally would not put it in the alt attribute. I’m not discrediting the JS methods (I have a similar pen), rather I’m giving the OP another option using html/css that mimics his flash example.

    For the record, if an image were replaced you’d be changing the alt text anyway…

    edit// anyone else finding lorempixel wonky today?

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    **Wow**. You guys are awesome! Looks like I now have a number of working solutions to choose from…

    I’ll be trying this out tonight after work.


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