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    Hi guys, new here.

    I am designing a welcome page for a client ( in which I have two hover over images to select from. Now with the iPad and iPhone not supporting this function in the same way, I would like to disable the hover when you visit the site on those devices, and are presented with a static image instead.

    I have found some options using javascript, but for the rollover I am using style=”mouseover” rather than a:hover javascript.

    Anyone have any ideas at all about how I’d achieve this?

    Cheers guys.


    I think what you want to do is detect for “touch” ability, right? This would get the iPhone, iPad and other touch devices. If so, you could easily do this with modernizr.

    Once modernizr has loaded you can target your site with the touch class added to the <html> element:

    .touch #main { property: value }

    or you could do this via javascript:

    if ( Modernizr.touch ) {
    // Add scripts here

    Thanks for that mate I’ll look into it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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