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    Allen Lawson

    I’m more of a front-end developer, so please excuse me if I seem like a noob..

    When you have a website(blog) and you’ve made all of your code from scratch, just using your code editor, nothing else, how to you go about creating your directory structure. Right now, the way I would do it is to just create a new folder under htdocs in my XAMPP folder and name it something my-super-cool-article and of course create a file within it called index.php, so that the local link would be and of course would be the live link ~ But this seems like, pardon my choice of word, but it seems ghetto. I’ve asked a couple people this before and the answer is always WORDPRESS, WORDPRESS, WORDPRESS. However, I want to actually learn how you would go about doing this? I assume just to create a PHP Content Management System?

    Any help/code provided would be freakin’ sweet.



    I’m not quite sure of what you are asking. Are you asking for opinions on how to create a directory for your website? (If so there are different ways and different preferences) or are you asking how to create a custom CMS?


    Sounds like you’re looking to do some .htaccess URL rewrites.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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