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    Hello!, well this is my first post so i’m going to make it as clear as posible, i am doing a facebook app (university proyect), and i wanted to make it about music, share music, download music, view videos, etc

    for the “downloas music” part i did this:

    $song=str_replace(' ', '-', $_POST);
    $url=""; // the search page from dilandau
    echo "";

    si it basically creates an iframe with the search inside, but the question i have is: can i make a direct download link? or put in the iframe just the search part, without the header of dilandau, neither the adds, etc.. JUST the search part, i don’t know if i can delete that parts but i’m sure i can “hide” the other parts of the page

    for the view a video part i did basically a form with the action to youtube search page, but there’s a way to make something like this?:

    1: search “awesome video” in my page

    2:popup page appear with the search

    3:i click in the video of youtube and get it embed in my page

    the only part i don’t know how to do is the transition to the youtube search page and my page.

    the last question is about a database, im not very familiarized with DB and query, but how can i link a full database of music in my page? i know i can make one myself, but i’d love to have one actualized for a “you may like this” in the page :)

    well thats all.. for now C:

    CYA guys thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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