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    I tried to read this about 6-9 months ago when i started using WordPress to build themes for the first time, after watching some of Chris’ tutorials; and I couldn’t get through it. After the introduction, I hit a lot of examples that had my mind in a bit of a boggle. 9 months down the line, after having built several WP sites, I’ve picked it up again and its absolutely what I need. There is so much basic stuff that would have made my life so much easier, and I think my lack in understanding any php before held me back when I tried to read it the first time. Now this book is a breeze and its got so much good info.

    Not sure what other people think of this book, but just wanted to give my 2 cent.

    And if any other newbies out there want to pick up theming for WP, i recommend watching chris’ 2 WordPress tutorials on here, and if you have the cash, pick up his custom-theming DVD on lynda. Those will get you started and Digging into WP just kills it and have you freelancing in no time.



    Agreed. Between DiWP and CSS-Tricks, Chris Coyier has probably taught me 2/3 of what I know about building websites. And don’t forget the WP Codex — first time I visited I was totally overwhelmed, now I practically live there.


    Ofcourse, the WP Codex, how could I forget! yeah between that and Chris, i’ve probably learn 95% of what i know about WordPress! and something similar to 2/3 of what i know about websites haha. Maybe there will be a new generation of designers learning from Chris.

    Yeah the codex is a little overwhelming when you first go there, but its probably again because I didn’t know the first thing about PHP! and tbh, i still don’t know much, i just know enough lol!


    I didn’t really know much about PHP either, but learning WordPress has certainly been indirectly teaching me.

    works hard, so I’m sure he’ll be glad to know his book is helping!


    I love the book also. best money i’ve spent to help my career along.
    I still don’t know a whole lot about PHP coding, although I now know more than enough to do what I need to do with wordpress. I always look forward to Chris’ tutorials he posts on CSS-tricks :)

    So Kudo’s Chris and Kudos all the wonderful people on this forum who give their time helping us less experienced folk.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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