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    On the main page at 1366w screen size I have an image in the footer box. It’s 1600×213 but it scales to the footer box’s width of 80-90%. But when screen is 480w, such as for phones, etc., then the image is too small. What I’d like to do is have a different image at 480w, say, something around 400×300.

    I’ve tried different ways to get this such as changing the img in the footer box in the 480 media query, and also tried “srcset” but things turn out squirrely. :D

    What’s the simplest coding to achieve this?

    Thanks for any suggestions.



    We can’t troubleshoot something we can’t see. Can you make a reduced demo (or 2) in CodePen? Show us what you’ve tried with your media queries and srcset so we can see what “squirrely” means ;)


    I would just use a background image, and use a media query to switch it to a smaller image when the screen width is below 480px

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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