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    Why does #CCCCCC appear as a different color in FF and IE?

    In photoshop, #CCCCCC, (a gray) is a web safe color. I make an image with that background color, then, make the background color the same and its fine in FF. in IE, it shows up lighter.

    Whats the deal?

    Edit – I’m saving the files in PNG. Maybe its a different scale somehow?

    Edit again – I found a fix, I just made the .png backgrounds transparent. I would still like to know why colors are different in IE though.

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    Shouldn’t be…

    But if you are saving your PNGs with indexed color, there is a possibility you have so many colors in the graphic that the exact value for #cccccc didn’t "make the cut". Try bumping up the maximum colors in the PNG or saving it as a 32-bit PNG ("PNG-24") in Photoshop which won’t have a problem. If you are using JPG, make sure you using sRGB as the color profile when it’s saving out (automatic if you "Save for Web & Devices"). Any other color profiles are problematic as some browsers will use them (Safari) and others wont, which can cause issues… … vs-safari/

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    Well, I for my web images I always use "Save for Web" And I was using PNG-24 save method. Maybe something is set wrong those settings? Also, I’m using Photoshop 7.0. Maybe thats the real reason! Thanks for the link though, very informative.

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    The problem has to deal with "Gamma correction," and the fact that IE doesn’t have a proper gamut setting (not sure about IE 8). I don’t really understand it that well, so as opposed to blabbing incoherently, here are two pages I found on it: … em-ie.html


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