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    Hi all,

    What I want to achieve is following:……

    For every URL in folder1 I want to use a specific color set (headline, linkcolor, color sidebar)

    For every URL in folder2 I want to use another color set (headline, linkcolor, color sidebar)

    What is the best way to do this without javascript?

    With my knowledge I think that using different IDs could solve the problem

    div#folder1 h1 h2 h3 a …. {…}

    div#folder2 h1 h2 h3 a …. {…}

    How would you do it?

    Thanks in advance!



    Folders are not HTML elements…the are part of the path to the page which has the HTML body element or whatever,

    If each page inside the folder has a class on, say, the body reflecting the folder number then what you are suggesting is possible….but it’s a lot of work to maintain.


    Sry, my fault.

    I meant that I put everything that is in “folder1” in a <div> with id=”folder1″ and so on.

    Would this work?


    Sure, you could, but it’s probably easier to use the body element as the identifier since everything will be a child of the body.

    I prefer classes to IDs but that’s up to you.


    Frankly, I think you might find CSS Custom Properties very useful here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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