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    if you look at
    you see 4 blue h tags, going down the page, all with some text below it,, im trying to make it so their are two boxes side by side, then under them, another two boxes side by side, containing the contents you see there, the h tag content and the text below them, i am having a hell of a time with it could anyone please help me?
    thank you


    so you want “Our company is your #1……etc on a box with a heading…?


    what do u mean by boxes? like u just want a border around each? don’t use tables! Tables are bad except in the odd case where its good hah, but never use them to help with the layout of a site, only use them when you need them for what they are, a table of information


    to acheive the same effect with div’s you would have to use something called ‘floats’ you can float content left and right.

    A div by default is a block element, this means it will take up the full width of whatever it’s placed in, But you can override this by giving it a width value, you could then float one left and the other right. Or even float both left and add some right or left margin to keep the seperation between the div’s

    You could also use lists here instead of floats but i won’t go into that to avoid confusing the issue :-) check out chris’s article on floats

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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