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    Hi I decided to start developing new projects on my local host using wamp instead of my server .

    and I’m working on some new wordpress themes starting with the new starkers2.6.2 theme and I can’t link my ie6 css file

    I tried every way I know of. and it still wont work

    anyone here work with wamp or the mac equivalent and tried the new starkers?


    Since you’ve built an IE6 specific style sheet, I assume you have a default one? In which case, can you link to it without issues? If you can, there’s probably something wrong with your syntax. Post the code that you’re using to link to it.

    Also, just another thought- my site runs on wordpress 2.6+ and required that the stylesheet be named styles.css. I really don’t know much about wordpress and how to integrate style sheets with custom names, but having two stylesheets named styles.css obviously won’t work. What’s the name of your ie6 stylesheet?


    Since wordpress uses the full path to the file, you can substitute your site’s url for local host in your conditional statement in your header.php file. When you move it to a production server you can change it from localhost to your real url.

    So if you’re using the starkers theme, you could always use – adjust as needed of course.


    Or try:


    Last I checked they both kinda did the same thing but with all the upgrades it might have changed. template_directory definitely works, as it’s the one I use to direct to any files in my theme like ie stylesheets, js files, images that are in the template and not CSS, etc.


    Hey guys, thank you all for replying, really appreciate it

    I had already tried all of the above and to no avail, I even tried working on other themes like developing with sandbox instead of starkers for starters and still had issues…

    after using THE GOOGLE

    i found my answer

    testing this on a windows machine with IE 6 and IE 7 installed would you? If so, then a bug related to conditional comments will take over and treat all conditional comments as though the browser is IE 7. So if you’re trying to load the conditional comments in IE 6 or below, it simply will not work for you. You must find a computer that has only IE 6 installed in order to give it a proper test.

    taking from the codex forum

    thanks again for the replies

    here’s the link form the forum

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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