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    i own a Nokia Lumia 620 for mobile testing.

    Specs: 480 x 800 Pixel / 3,8″ / 246 ppi (pixel density)

    Screenshots made with the Lumia were always 480 x 800 Pixel on image editor programs on desktop.

    So i thought all the the it’s “1 device pixel per CSS pixel”.

    What i don’t understand: If i open it says “my viewport width is 325 px / 20 em”.

    JS screen width: 325px
    @media (device-width): 320px+
    CSS pixel-ratio: 1.3+
    JS pixel-ratio: 1.4786
    Resolution (dpi): 141.95 dpi
    Resolution (dppx): 1.48 dppx

    Ok if i multiply 325px with 1.4786 JS pixel ratio then i got my 480 pixel.

    But why are the screenshots are not 325 px width but 480 px?!? Is this some kind of “anti-retina”? Stretching a small images/layout with factor 1.4786?!




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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