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    Recently my studio took in a project where time was a big factor. The higher ups decided to cut a few corners to meet the deadline.

    Instead of our normal process of creating wireframes first our designers jumped right in to creating high fidelity wireframes, which were basically designs without the finer details, colours, or graphics.

    As the sole front end developer I had to build on these unfinished layouts. I could only get so far in to the development before having to stop as I didn’t have the completed designs or all the details like spacing and font sizes as the designs were provided over Invision. This resulted in me having to constantly stop work or interrupt the designer to ask questions. This has become very frustrating and as many times as I’ve raised this as an issue the designer I’m working with doesn’t see the problem.

    The designer appears to think this is a good process as they feel they are getting through their work faster when in reality we’ve spent more time on back and forth than on any other project when I’ve worked with other designers.

    This is all extra frustrating as I recently created a checklist for handovers between designer and developer in order to streamline the process which is not being adhered to.

    Has anyone any similar stories or advice on how best to communicate why completing the design before development is important?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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