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    I’ve convince my company to run and manage their internal portal on wordpress.

    They’ve decided and commissioned me with the task of creating the theme.

    I have a question with regards to deploying the portal.

    They have told me install (Apache, MySQL and PHP) it on a PC and to ensure that all the pc’s in the company can access the portal.

    The thing is i’ve always developed a wordpress website on my laptop (wampserver) and then uploaded it to a server e.g Media Temple.

    There is a dedicated IT department in the company. I would like your guidance on what exactly do i have to ask them to install on that PC.

    Do i tell them to install Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin?

    Or do i just tell them to install WAMPserver ;)

    That pc should serve the pages to the portal visitors..

    Any advised is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a zillion!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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