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    I’ve created a site using html5 standards (sections, articles, header & footer) and css3 (box-shadow, border-radius, pure css nav bar using ul list, ect).

    Older browsers that do not support css3 ruin the page layout, but as this is not a company page, and therefore I’m not willing to spend time adapting for these users, but wish to instead display a message to either update their browsers or continue to what looks like madness on a old browser.

    I have tried using tags to display a bar across the top of the page, but this means that other browser that don’t support css3 still get through.

    I’m guessing that a PHP script is required to check CSS3 compatibility (check if box-shadow works for example) and then return a true or false answer. If the answer is false and the user hasn’t visited this domain in the last hour, redirect the user to a warning page.

    Anyone have any code that they’re willing to share for this non-profit site?


    Thanks, yes, I’ve seen this code before, and it does find which properties work, but I need to redirect these users to a different page or display a horizontal header image.
    How do I rewrite

    for (t in Detect) {
    "CSS " + t + " support? " +
    (Detect[t] ? "YES" : "NO") +

    to perform this task?


    Looks great! Should I put this within the html page head to stop flashing?
    Also will googlebot, ect index the stuff within the span? I guess I could just add a single image and then block that said image in the robots.txt file.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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