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    I’m trying to follow a tutorial by Chris i found here. Here is the youtube link : [Click]( “Click”)

    Unfortunately i can’t seem to find Elliot’s Starkers Theme. Although i have found one which have adapted stalkers theme such as the one created by viewportindustries, though this theme is greatly different to the tutorial i am following. For example, it doesn’t have the sidebar.php. Similarly i have the HTML5Blank theme, but it is quite difficult for me again as a lot of the coding is much different to that of the stalkers theme in the youtube video. It’s quite important that the theme is the same one, as Chris is taking snippets out of .php files of which i can not find in the two themes i’ve downloaded above.

    So is it still possible to download the very same theme Chris is using in his tutorial video?




    A quick google came up with it straight away ?

    Anyway you can download it from GitHub [here]( “starkers theme”)


    @deeve007 I agree, plus he will be using the latest version of WordPress ?

    I think it would be easier in the long run to try and learn with the new stuff because otherwise you will have to learn that as well.

    I found myself in the same situation when I was learning the template system but to be honest it isn’t that hard to pick up. You should really focus on his methods rather than copying his exact actions and if something is outdated find the latest and greatest alternative.


    @deeve007, +100%.


    [I’ve got it!]( “starkers”) Grab the version you need, based on the time the video was produced you will probably want the very first commit.


    @georgearnall I see where you are coming from, so where is the sidebar.php in this new version. Is there something that can tell me what has changed from old one to new one?

    Also thank you for that link.

    i see thank you for letting me know.

    Final general question as you have all seem to unanimously agree that it is better for me to learn the new stuff. Is there a tutorial i can watch which goes through this theme and how it works?

    Also if anyone knows a link to a tutorial using the newer version which kinda covers what chris was going over, that would be great.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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