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    I’ve been working on a responsive design for a news site and have been a bit shocked to find how many sites are still the old two column, non-responsive, 300px sidebar, same old same old design.

    I’m really curious what awesome designs are out there which I may be missing …and what designs you’d wish would simply die. Thus, I’ve put together a bit of a showcase. I’d love to see some examples of both and what makes you hate/love them. Feel free to tell me my opinions are awful/dead-on and why you disagree/agree; I’m really trying to get some subjective info on what people like or dislike about responsive blogs.

    **Business Insider** –
    I loathed the old Business Insider site and I see this design as a big step up. It’s wider and it’s cleaner. Where it’s lacking is responsiveness (who goes wide without responsive?) and a still-cluttered sidebar.

    **ReadWrite** – htt://
    My favorite part of this redesign is the lack of shyness when it comes to calling out the featured article. I love that the titles are huge but I’m not so big on the grid-based thumbnail display for every post – it seems like that would have been okay for more of a featured content section. The simplicity in the menu is quite nice.

    **Brit + Co.** –
    This sucker’s use of images has tablet friendly written all over it. I dig the homepage, but when you actually click an article it’s more of a “that’s it?” response. For whatever reason, the designer decides to utilize your entire screen on the homepage then revert back to half of the screen being used for the articles.

    **Vogue UK** –
    Simply put, Vogue knows how to do it. The UK site is a big step up from the US site.

    **Mashable** –
    To me, Mashable seems like one of those sites where somebody said “LET’S MAKE THIS LOOK LIKE PINTEREST!” It’s just too cluttered for my tastes.

    **Batman News** –
    I feel like Batman News is a hybrid of old and new design – it has the traditional layout but it’s a bit larger and easier to digest. I like what they’ve done on their posts and I look forward to seeing this site when it’s pushed a bit further in terms of ditching the traditional layout.

    **Remodelista** –
    …I’m so on the fence about this one.

    **SF Chronicle** –
    I like how The Chronicle has continued their brand online. It feels a bit as if you’re reading a paper, but it’s big and easy to digest.

    **TheNextWeb** –
    One big disappointment for me. Cluttered.

    GQ UK –
    I like big and simple, but somebody didn’t tell the editorial staff they need to upload higher resolution thumbnails.

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