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    Hi guys

    I am redesigning my personal site. My goal was to make it look somewhat funky. I think the typography might need some improvement maybe. Please look at the site and give me some tips, I could use some help of experienced designers.

    Thanks in advance


    Looks neat (if you like bouncy stuff, lol) and the HTML’s definitely ‘clean’. I wouldn’t use frameset myself though, it’s discouraged and obsolete in HTML5.


    I agree with bearhead, it would be useful to add some hover effects to add a sense of interaction! :)

    Additionally, I find the font to be difficult to read. Maybe consider another font? I understand that it is an effect you might desire, but simultaneously it looks a bit “too funky”. All caps makes the text more difficult to scan :)

    Best of luck!



    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the link in your first post displays as a blank black screen on my iPhone 5S and iPad Mini. I’ve tried in Safari, Chrome and Mercury browsers :(

    I hope it’s just me – does anyone else get similar on mobile?

    I know it’s not very encouraging feedback from me but I hope it’s something you can go on to improve from.


    Currently getting a blank screen on desktop, too.


    I would increase your font-size of both your paragraphs and headings to make the text more readable. You might want to increase the weight of the headings as well.

    Also you should aim at lowering the amount of characters per line. Currently on desktop your lines are about 109char/line on your about page, which makes it difficult to read. That should be brought down to around 50-70char/line. You could do this by reducing the parent width or by using columns.

    Take a look at this source for ideas on fonts and font pairing:

    Lastly, if you are interested in web typography I’d really recommend Jason Santa Maria’s “On Web Typography”(


    I like the look of this site. Lots of good comments above.
    One design suggestion I have is to have the text fade or dim when it is behind the ball graphics. The text running behind distracts from the graphics themselves

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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