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    So ever since retina mobile devices came out, i’ve had trouble understanding what is the right size for PSD mockups for iPhone specific devices.

    I always ask my designers to provide 320px wide mockups, but they insist on 640px or more wide designs. I know with retina displays the pixel ratio on iphones can be of 2x or more, but does this mean the mockups have to be doubled in size ?

    When im given a 640px, and i have to fit everything on a physical 320px screen, i end up having to reduce every single measurement on the page by 2 ( font-sizes, borders, widths, etc. ).

    Wouldn’t it be more convenient to have a 320px wide design, with a resolution 2x the standard ( 144 for example ) ?

    Thanks for any input on this.


    I always ask my designers to provide 320px wide mockups, but they insist on 640px or more wide designs.

    They misunderstand what pixel density is and that “a pixel is not a pixel”

    If you ask for something and they don’t supply it…you have to ‘educate them’ into giving you what you asked for.

    If I ask for an apple, I expect and apple…not a melon.


    Ok thx.

    Now, regardless of what i ask, what is the standard width for an iphone PSD mockup ?

    Thanks again.


    what is the standard width for an iphone PSD mockup ?

    No such thing as ‘standard’.


    Ok… then if there is no ‘standard’ what should i be asking my designers to provide for iphone mockups. Width and dimension wise ?



    Width and dimension wise ?

    You are too hung up on actual dimensions…these aren’t necessary in responsive design…percentages are more important than pixels.


    so after 3 posts u havent been able to give me a single answer…

    regardless of how we code, and how we dont usually require mockups for responsive, sometimes we require a base design, and im looking for a ‘standard’ width even if there is no ‘standard’.

    also, i can not ask my designers to give me a design that is 80% wide.

    my main question is, is it ok to have a 320pt wide design at 300 Ppi, or something like 640px at 72ppi.


    Designers shouldn’t be providing mockups or comps like it’s for print.

    Designers should be providing mockups or comps in a browser, preferably also while using a device lab.

    Paulie was giving you an answer, maybe not one you wanted to hear. You can’t have a fluid grid inside Photoshop unfortunately. If you’re building websites, build a website :)


    If you’re building websites, build a website :)

    Really ? This has nothing to do with my question at all.

    All i want or need is a suggestion regarding a size.

    I’m fully aware that designing and coding RWD sites, doesnt require mockups like it used to. On 90% of my sites i tend to just base my responsive code on the desktop version, no need for comps for this.

    It just happens that i have a project now that is mobile only, and we need some kind of design for that. We have wireframes, but again, some design guidance is needed and unfortunately i can not have my designer sit next to me for that.

    Anyways, i’ll somewhere else.



    Then just pick an arbitrary number. There’s no single pixel size for even iPhones any more.


    @coljung I understand you…its hard to understand right, atleast it was for me. In the non-responsive era you could just do: Width:320px, etc…you had some kind of size where you could work in. But now…how to still know in what you are working in? Width:90% – What is 90% right…how do you know, the browser size is always different. Smartphones, tablets, SmartTV, different LED screens, you name it….But once you start to understand those % specifications,….things get easier.

    But its hard, i know! People here just say:”Why ask? Its just like that, don’t think in pixels”. Like they never had to find out for themselves or ask someone. Don’t get me wrong! I learned loads of things on here, but responding with answers like…its just the way it is – is bloody frustrating. Not everyone has people in the webworld in rl where we can ask questions to.

    Participant – just pick whichever you want. If I were you, I’d use the iPhone 5’s. elaborates, but you seem rather impatient and unwilling to listen.

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