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    Hi folks.
    Looking for some feedback on a mockup I’m currently in the middle of, for a redesign of one of my websites.

    I’m open to any sort of criticism as I will take things on board and change accordingly. I’m looking to get the site live by the end of the month hopefully.

    Few things to mention beforehand. The Facebook box is just a placeholder to see how one linked to my Facebook page would look.
    Also the text in the black bar at the top is meant to be cut off to show that it’s a scrolling news ticker.

    Appreciate any feedback given.


    I think the one thing your design would benefit from is more whitespace. Right now the margins between elements aren’t very big, and a lot of elements have borders, which amounts to a very cluttered feel. Increasing the gutter space between your columns, the margins between the content and the edge of your layout, and the vertical margins between blocks of content will make your design breath more.

    Are you sure you want to have that news ticker in there? A lot of people find those annoying.


    ninique is right, it’s very busy. Definitely want some more white space in there, which probably includes a bigger line-height on your main text.

    I’d work on the header as well, it looks a little… cheesy I guess. If illustration isn’t your forte, try working on a solid logo and just having that at the top.


    Thanks, white space will be added once I start coding.

    Graphics are really not my strong point at all, but haven’t outsourced to have a logo made yet. I may have a look on fiverr for some potential headers or logos.

    Appreciate the feedback from both of you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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