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    Hey there

    This is going to be my second time changing a design from PSD to XHTML

    Was just wondering what you think of the design. Its simple and im not much of a designer, im actually an animator.

    Just thought i would try my luck at some web design. You think the image is placed ok or you think it should fill the screen? any advice is welcome



    Woops i guess it helps to post the link



    It’s pretty simple, the only problem unless you’re planning to use those text as image navigation (buttons) is that most computer won’t have that font, so you’d never be able to achieve that same font style on everyone’s computer since it doesn’t look like a common font… might be better to use a text as navigation for now.


    Chris Coyier

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    I know big giant background images are hip these days, which is fine, but I’d consider maybe moving those clouds up to the top instead of the bottom. Then you can fade that blue into a solid blue and set your background of your body to that color. Otherwise you’ll have problems trying to get the cloud to always stick to the bottom or having it end abruptly.

    Also not sure how you are going to handle the white-box main-content-area, if that is expandable vertically, I could see it working. But if you are planning to cram all the content inside that box and put the scrollbar inside that box, that might be a little claustrophobic for such an "airy" design.

    The navigation text seems weird too. Perhaps consider tightening it up and having it sit on top of the main content area. It might feel more connected to that area then?


    I can only imagine this design end up as a website developed with Adobe Flash. Since you are an animator maybe you should try developing this website with :arrow: Flash.




    Good replies,

    Ok i got the domain name set now and i’ve thrown up an email list for poeple to just sign up if there interested. You can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself easy.

    I was thinking about adding the information for the links around this form as i quite like the layout of it. I think the previous design was a little bold where as this is sublte, i just need to work out whether it will work for the other menu links.

    Might try the jquery menu fader but keeping the form in the header and the rest of the info appear below, or have a drop down type menu that hold in the info for each section inside them.

    Ill keep you posted, but what do you think of the form?

    OK here is the link:


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