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    I guess I missed out that computer era. But what fonts were typical during the 90’s?

    I searched and found these and just need confirmation:

    **Comic Sans, Myriad, FF Meta, Fuse, Template Gothic**

    Edit: Just remembered that I had a question about fonts too. Why do peopleo use Font-size: #em? If your body is 13px and you want 2em, why not just write 26px? I read somewhere that these let people who have sight issues toggle font sizes on their browser and using a specific size would disable that. But how is that possible if em is based on the specific body size?


    Why do we write 2em instead of 26px?

    Well first, it’s shorter :)

    No really, what if you wanted to change your base size to 16px? You would have to go through your entire CSS to adjust all those fixed pixel sizes you have hard coded.

    With em, you don’t need to. It’s ‘knows’ it’s 2x the base size and just adjusts automagically.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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